About Us


As we are always "upfront", Florida clients always know what to expect in options offered together with costs associated with them. Integral to this architectural approach is our cost tracking system from beginning to end, based upon cost-per-square foot of each construction phase. This gives us a powerful tool in predicting construction costs for future projects throughout Delray Beach and all of Florida.

As Florida architects, we also provide full accounting of the design-side costs of the project as a special service to our clients. It also delivers an added benefit of keeping our work on budget. In addition, our detailed Barretta Approach includes development of formulas for construction cost estimates, more accurate than anything found in the architectural industry data.

Lastly, Barretta & Associates Architects we take pride in our affable relations with clients. People in Delray Beach and all of Florida enjoy working with us whether clients or those building our designs. That's because we take a sincere interest in how they view all our work, even the smallest details. This results in our customizing the scope of our services to maximize client satisfaction - every step of the way to the successful conclusion each architectural project.